Give depth to your floor with metallic epoxy techniques, transforming it to a beautiful multi-dimensional surface. Epoxies are in high demand these days. Concrete Master USA's premier decorative metallic epoxy systems are highly appreciated among Soutn Florida concrete clients. 


What is Metallic Epoxy?


It's a pearlescent metallic tincture formula, which once applied on floors, creates  custom dynamic changing color and mottled pattering. Metallic Epoxy Floors is the answer in case you search uniqueness, transforming your property's floor into the main attraction there. 


Main Advantages of Epoxies:


  • Cost Effective

  • Easy Installation

  • Unique Results

  • High Durability

  • Unlimited Designs

Whether it's a Miami house, a Broward commercial store or a Palm Beach industrial space, metallic epoxies provided by Concrete Master USA will add value and color to your property. 


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