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One of our services that we are very satisfied to perform for a residence or business is Polished Concrete. Polished concrete is an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly process of mechanical grinding and polishing of concrete using industrial diamonds and impregnation hardeners. It is the perfect application for; commercial and business facilities, industrial plants, warehouses, commercial premises, showrooms, schools, museums and government buildings.

At Concrete Master USA - We make polished concrete

Every year, we transform millions of square feet of new and old concrete slabs into aesthetic, hardened, dust-proof, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant reflective surfaces. Each of our highly trained technical experts and specialists in design and management service to a wide range of commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional partners. We educate customers about our programs and streamline and simplify warranty and maintenance requirements. Their end product is always an amazing and innovative flooring system.

The definition of polished concrete has been an important industry benchmark. We use the latest technology to exceed our clients' expectations. Recognizing the demand for environmentally sustainable design and concrete polishing systems, we have introduced cost-effective decorative programs to meet each customer's needs.

We also offer the service of restoration and polishing of terrazzo and all works related to natural stone such as marble, limestone, and travertine.


We aim to capture the unique and natural beauty of economical home improvement options that will transform your home or business into a stylish, unique plan of comfort, beauty and splendor.   Concrete Master USA's concrete polishing services offer a multitude of benefits for any space, and are currently one of the most fashionable floor design concepts on the market. Polished concrete floors are harder and stronger than any other flooring system available, resist oil and contamination from external substances, will not lift or peel, and are the most economical flooring solution available today.

In addition to being very cost effective for our customers, polishing their concrete floors offers virtually zero installation downtime and is immune to moisture and vapor related problems. Polishing concrete floors is a one-time process and requires no maintenance or renovation. Not to mention, they offer the longest life of any other flooring option. Concrete Master USA offers a full diamond concrete floor finish, using only materials made in the United States, in addition to using the most advanced equipment and tools in the industry. We offer a variety of options ranging from concrete staining and staining, to matte concrete finishes and ultra high gloss finishes, depending on our clients' preference.


Many contractors today do not follow the necessary steps or do not have the proper machinery to properly polish concrete slabs and instead choose to grind concrete substrates and apply thick layers of wax, which eventually degrade over time. At Concrete master USA we polish the floor with heavy polishing planetary machines using fresh metal and diamond pads, the best on the market. Our work process involves an 8-12 step process plus our final detailed secret process. We guarantee that the shine and diamond finish of our polished concrete floors will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

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