Overlays and micro layers are used for concrete resurfacing that is in a bad condition, either old or damaged. These procedures combine Miami cement with latex and acrylic polymers to restore slab surfaces without the need or removing  and then replacing the whole concrete slabs.

Overlays are usually mixed in a runny consistency, being very liquid, allowing it to naturally flow and level up evenly across the floor. This type of overlay is also called self-leveling. The other types of overlays are thicker and they are applied when the conditions are not favorable for self levelers. 

Micro-Layers also known as micro-toppings are versatile polymer cement resurfaces that can transform your over-used floor into a beautiful concrete surface at low cost. Thinner than overlays, micro-layers do offer multiple design possibilities and can be easily applied to horizontal as well as to vertical surfaces. 


Our Professionals throroughly prepare the concrete surface, diamond grind it to the point it's ready for bonding overlays and micro-layers that will last for years. That's why Miami concrete, Broward concrete or Palm Beach concrete always prefer Concrete Master USA  

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