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Self-leveling concrete is a polymer modified cement that has high flow characteristics and, unlike traditional concrete, does not require the addition of excessive amounts of water for placement. At Concrete Master USA, Self-Leveling Concrete is typically used to create a flat, smooth surface with similar or greater compressive strength than traditional concrete prior to installing interior floor coverings. Self-leveling concrete has increased in popularity as the degree of flatness and smoothness required for floor covering products has increased, and vinyl items get thinner and floor tiles get larger.

Self-leveling concrete floor coating applications offer numerous benefits and cost effectiveness over removal and replacement. They will correct the coverage of uneven pitted and saw cut floors in poured trenches and provide a new surface for polishing and staining. These flowable coatings have the ability to self-level and cure time is quick, making it easy to polish the next day while keeping downtime to a minimum. It is a quick fix for worn or uneven concrete floors that cannot be polished. An aggregate can also be sown to add character and depth.

Various coating systems are available to recoat concrete from ultra-thin micro layers or "skin layers" that can be applied as thin as a business card to subfloors up to an inch or more thick. Each provides a variety of style and character that can be transformed into whatever you want.

Call us or schedule a site visit with one of our installation specialists to learn more about how we can provide you with the flattest and most level concrete slab you have ever seen.



Concrete coverings are designed to cover a less attractive existing flooring system, providing a smooth, seamless surface that is aesthetically pleasing.


Overlays can be full-color or stained / stained the color of your choice.



Concrete coverings can be polished like any other concrete floor. Allowing you the ability to expose the aggregate and achieve the desired level of gloss.



Add an additional decorative element to your overlay by incorporating decorative inlays, metal strips that can create shapes and designs, and define edging changes.

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